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20 20  :  The Collective exceeds the milestone of 30 member properties and adopts the status of NPO (Non-Profit Organization), which allows it a representation more in tune with the local community. The Board of Directors has been enlarged to 6 directors and an Administrative Coordinator has also been hired on a part-time basis. A redesign of the website and a media strategy are born. The Honey Module is fine-tuning a business plan and initial marketing has begun at the Collective level  ;

20 19:    The Collective continues its action with 25 members. A first website (2 pages) is created and the article ”  La petite Révolution de Bolton-Ouest” (LaPresse+, April 2019) unveils the initiative to a wide readership (LaPresse+, April 2019). The Honey Module starts with a first artisanal production on several properties and the Breeding Module is emerging. The Collective intends to adopt a legal structure and begins the analysis of different options  ;

20 18:  The Collective has 16 members and the Board of Directors has been extended to 5 directors. The logo and its graphic charter are finalized and a first brochure is created and distributed at the Fête des Voisins de Bolton-Ouest. The Forests Module is in start-up, the Honey Module is in pre-start-up and the Maple Module is looming;

20 17:  The initiative is renamed ” AgriCollWbo  (Agri (Agriculture), Coll (Collaboration)  wbo  (West  West Bolton))  »  and now has 11 members. A Board of Directors is set up with 4 administrators, the mandate of the project manager having expired. Module leaders are chosen to ensure development in the field (Hay, Forest and R&D Modules). During the year, the project changed its name for the second time and became ” The West Bolton Collective  and a logo is created. The Hay Module is in start-up and the Forests Module in pre-start-up  ;

20 16:  The project manager begins his mandate, concretizes the subsidies, organizes the meetings and ensures the general coordination. A model for the initial development of beef on pasture is being studied. A detailed questionnaire articulated around the beginnings of sustainable development “  People, Planet, Profits  » («  People, Planet, Profit  ”) is developed. It makes it possible to establish a common basis for the members and to develop the mission and the charter of values. A modular development is essential leaving, in fact, a great flexibility to all the members  to get involved where it makes the most sense for them. This innovative approach federates and ensures support for the project. The Hay Module (now the Meadows Module) is in pre-start  ;

20 15:    The members of the new association of 8 owners then known as ” WBAG (West Bolton Agriculture Group)  » organizes a private fundraiser among the members, positions the project to obtain various grants and recruits a part-time project manager (1 day/week for 1 year) in order to structure the initiative;

2014 : The municipality of Bolton-Ouest defines its strategic plan  : “  Strategic development planning  (Final report, August 29, 2013 / http://bolton-ouest.ca/Bolton_Ouest/planification_strategique.php ). Many citizens would like the agricultural and forestry sectors to be revitalized.