We are first and foremost members
involved in our community

Catharie Bechamp and
Sylvain Desjardins



The picturesque and enchanting setting of Bolton-Ouest has won us over since 2008. Our 30-acre estate is fully exploited by our 500-tap maple grove, our beehives, our small chicken coop, our gardens and lavender fields, as well as our vegetable garden. We are delighted to be a member of the Collective which, through its community network, promotes mutual aid and the sharing of knowledge while highlighting our magnificent region of Bolton-Ouest.

Marc Belanger and
Suzanne Martel



Living on our farm “Le Bel Agneau” since 2005, we are passionate about nature and constantly on the lookout to contribute to the preservation of the local natural habitat and the well-being of the community. In 2016, we created a hop plantation for local consumption, Bolton-Hops.

Claude Bergeron and
Sylvie Archambault


We have been there since September 2016, for the moment a very large family vegetable garden occupies us and we are working to give a second life to this land. Destroyed fences to be removed, stones to be moved, land levelling, a large garden and trees to be planted are just some of our activities. We have a greenhouse project and we continue to think about the use of the fields in addition to working in the forest. At the moment the fields produce hay. A kind of quest for self-sufficiency inhabits us. These projects are ours and those of our five children. Since the beginning of this adventure, the renovation of the house has kept us very busy. Above all, we want everything to be beautiful. The Collective allows us to learn from the experiences of others and to grow, one day we will have more time to pursue our many projects.

Lucia and Pierre Boivin



We have been based in West Bolton for 15 years and have been members of the Collective since its inception.
By participating in several modules, we have greatly developed our knowledge and improved our property in an eco-responsible way.

Myriam Brel and
Patrick Savard



Since 2013, we have been actively involved in the region and look forward to devoting more time to it.

Martin Breton



Martin Breton is a true maple enthusiast. This small family maple grove in Bolton-Ouest offers 100% pure maple products such as maple syrup, maple butter, maple taffy, maple fondant candies and many more. delicious maple products to discover. Preserving the authentic taste of maple and working while respecting nature and its biodiversity are its priorities.

Martin Breton is the bearer of the maple syrup module, he brings new ideas and technical support to the members of the collective. He also contributes to the graphic design of the tools of the Collectif de Bolton-Ouest and to the development of new branding for the new products of the members.

  • Holder of the maple sugaring module
  • Graphic designer specializing in the food industry


Martin Breton graphic designer
Martin Breton, Maple syrup producer

Andrée-Anne Chailler and
Marc-Andre Lavoie


We have roots in the region for 30 years and have been based in Knowlton for 10 years. We like to share our corner of the countryside with family and friends, always in a spirit of curiosity and respect for the beauty and riches of nature, as well as the local cultural heritage.

Sophie Desmarais and
Daniel Valoatto


We have been owners in Bolton-Ouest since 2016. We joined the Collective to help us in our learning of hay growing and forestry, as well as to take advantage of the pooling of means to achieve this.

Anne-Marie Dupras and
Robert Demers



We have been owners in Bolton-Ouest since 2016 and became members of the Collectif de Bolton-Ouest the following year. Since 2018 we have been operating an organic vegetable farm. We sell our products at the Farm and we supply restaurants and food markets in the region. In addition to sharing and discussing with the members of the Collective, our membership allows us to take measures to improve and protect our forest and to assess its potential. This will allow us, over the next few years, to develop new niches, including maple syrup and mushroom cultivation.

  • Organic certification by Québec Vrai
  • Member of CAPE (Cooperative for ecological local agriculture)
  • Member of the Family Farmers network.


Mary Gallery and
Tom Godber



The Bolton-Ouest property has been in the family for 60 years and we love bringing family and friends together. In addition to the many ongoing projects, the property is evolving and keeping us busy.

Sebastian Kaine



I have owned Argyll Farm since June 2020 with the aim of building a small regenerative beef operation. My interest in Collective is to participate in the protection and conservation of the lands of which we are all stewards for future generations. At Argyll Farm, our goal is to create a small beef operation focused on high quality and efficient distribution. We will raise Akaushi Wagyu beef known for its high quality marbling, efficient maturation period and tolerance to cold climates. The approach will be regenerative and environmentally friendly as we will use rotational grazing methods and establish an effective manure management program where animal waste will be spread across the pasture which will create fertility and increase the biomass of the pasture. year to year.

Nancy Lanteigne and
Syed Mohamed

Ferme WB Gold


From a weekend hobby to a company specializing in products from the hive, such as honey, wax, pollen, propolis and bee venom => towards apitherapy.

  • Member of the Canadian Apitherapy Association
  • Partner Member of Bee City Canada
  • Forest producer – FSC

Meere-Hofman family


Established since 1973, three successive generations are working today on a healthy, respectful and balanced operating model in the natural environment.

Peter and Margie Mendell


Since arriving in the area over five years ago, we have found paradise for our family, friends, chickens and all the wildlife who love to call our property their home.

Richard Ouellette and
Maxime Vandal



Ferme Humminghill is located in West Bolton. This farm practices niche agriculture according to the principles of permaculture. Its owners, an architect and a designer, have given themselves the mission of creating a place with a vocation where the beautiful, the good and the true are in the spotlight.

Paré-Nguyen family


Owners of a rough diamond in Bolton-Ouest since 2019 and members of the collective since 2021, we work to revitalize the fields and the forest by respecting the principles of permaculture and the best sustainable practices. The collective allows us to interact with great people who share our values and to pool our strengths to revitalize our little corner of the country.

  • Members of the Cultur’Innov cooperative


Jennifer Robinson
and Michael Cohen

Glenairn Farm


We have lived in the region for 40 years and have lived in West Bolton for 20 years on what was once a dairy farm. We are neither farmers nor producers, at least not yet. We are part of the Collective to better care for the beautiful lands and forests we own and work with our neighbors to improve our community.

Andre Roy and
Nancy Bourgault



Discovery and exploitation of products from our land since 2014, such as honey, maple syrup, mushroom picking and native plants.

Christiane Tetreault and
Norman Beaudry



In 2019, we realized our dream, to come and live in the countryside on a farm. In our new Homestead, Anecdotes, we live in harmony with nature and animals by aiming for autonomy and resilience. We want to create an ecosystem that imitates nature according to the principles of permaculture in our prairies and our forest with diverse and unusual cultures in order to create abundance year after year. With, among other things, our mandala garden owhere there are more than 65 varieties of fruits, vegetables and edible flowers, we transform our products in order to make you discover new flavors. You also have the chance to meet our donkeys and go for a walk in the forest, a unique experience.

As soon as we arrived, we heard about the Collective and the concept really charmed us. We like to share ideas, knowledge, buy co-owned equipment in an eco-responsible and local way with passionate people.

  • Organic management
  • Walk in the forest with the donkeys
  • Maple syrup and derived products
  • Garlic and garlic flowers
  • Mushrooms
  • Processed products
  • Conferences and training

Come and walk in the forest with the canes to discover this animal with big ears.

At the end of the visit, you can taste taffy

Zitzmann family



The Zitzmann family is proud to be one of the founding members of the Collective. She has also been part of the Bolton-Ouest community since 1974 at the Beaver Creek farm.