About Us

Mission and charter of values

An in-depth consultation process was launched at the start of the initiative (2016) in order to define a base of common values, possible personal and collective commitments as well as a mode of operation. The mission of the Collective was thus able to be defined in a democratic and unanimous way:

"Develop in Bolton-Ouest an innovative, eco-responsible and profitable collective project, aimed at revitalizing the agriculture and forestry sectors, and creating local jobs and which, over time, will contribute to the be of its members and the local community. »

The charter of values underlines, for its part, 7 major strategic orientations around which the activities of the Collective are organized:

Priority areas



A progressive organic approach

An innovative modular and progressive approach to promoting the agricultural and forestry heritage of Bolton-Ouest


A respectful and balanced agriculture

The development of eco-responsible plant and animal agricultural production in line with the terroir and the evolution of demand


A healthy and resilient forest

Valorization of the forest as an ecosystem, as a source of habitats for endemic fauna and flora and as a reservoir of wood products (wood industry) and non-wood products (NTFPs – e.g. maple products)


Controlled and clean energy

The progressive reduction of the carbon footprint (local work and reduction of transport, natural fertilizers, etc.)


Reasoned and viable development over the long term

Long-term economic, ecological and environmental viability. An initial objective, for each owner, to establish / restore a financial balance allowing him to perpetuate his property and ensure its transfer to the next generation.


A circular economy, local links and local benefits

A human-sized project oriented towards the local community with a local and regional network


A Bolton-Ouest brand image

The development of products and services similar to Bolton-Ouest, both unique and recognizable (approach, design, production method, etc.) and subject to a label and specific marketing