About Us

The Bolton-Ouest collective

The Collectif de Bolton-Ouest (NPO) is an association of owners, producers and consumers bringing together 36 member properties on an area of nearly 1,750 ha (4,000 acres) which aims to promote the agricultural and forestry development of the territory. The Collective supports the development of a sustainable and resilient ecosystem through local productions according to demanding specifications and in accordance with its charter of values. These specifications are inspired by agroecology and permaculture and take into account several cross-cutting requirements (“organic” management, humanist approach in livestock farming, water, energy, footprint carbon, biodiversity conservation, circular economy, education and training, social and solidarity economy, etc.). The Collective has been working since 2015 to combine ancestral knowledge, advanced technologies, environmental protection, circular economy and pride in heritage.

The Board of Directors (CA) sees to the good management and governance of the Collective, the holders of modules and initiatives ensure the relay in the field, the various producers and other service providers bring their expertise and know-how to the productions and, finally, various antennas and platforms ensure the marketing and distribution of products. The Agricultural Ecosystem now includes the activities of the Grasslands, Livestock and Honey Modules, while the Forest Ecosystem includes the activities of the Forests and Maple Modules. The priority of sustainable development is omnipresent and crosses all the activities of the Collective through cross-cutting priorities of economic profitability, environmental protection and social networking. A modus operandi inspired by the precepts of the social and solidarity economy ultimately contributes to agility, flexibility, pleasure, feeling of belonging and commitment within the Collective.