Functioning principles

The West Bolton Collective finances its activities through an initial fundraising from its members, membership fees for new members, and annual dues for all members, grants and partnerships. of sponsorship. The commercial activities of the Collective will ultimately contribute to ensuring an operating base that is less dependent on external funding.

Funding history

  • 2019: Subsidy linked to the Sustainable Forest Development Program (PADF) through the Agence Forestière de Montérégie (AFM):
    • Objective: Continuation of the Multi-Resource Collective Forest Development Plan (PAFCMR) on … acres of Collective forests by the firm ForÉco (forestry engineering) provided that all owners who did not yet hold a Forest Development Plan (PAF) ) individual undertakes to have it carried out at their own expense (2020 – 2021). The project revolves around 5 activities, namely the integration of 10 new properties that are members of the Collective, the updating and improvement of the PAFMCR, the exploration of other avenues of forest development, local and regional integration through the development of links with other initiatives and training and the production of an exportable integrated model.
  • 2018: Grant for biodiversity management linked to the PAFCMR (Collective Multi-Resource Forest Management Plan) introduced on behalf of the Collective by the Appalachian Corridor to the Quebec Wildlife Foundation (Faune et Forêts Program).
  • 2017: Grant from the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks (MDDP) through the Agence Forestière de Montérégie (AFM)
    via its Plan for the Protection and Development of Private Forests (PPMV):

    • Objective: Creation of a Collective Multi-Resource Forest Management Plan (PAFCMR) on 988 acres of Collective forests (10 properties) by the firm ForÉco (forestry engineering) on condition that all owners who did not yet hold a Plan d’Aménagement Forestier (PAF) undertakes to have this carried out at their own expense (2018 – 2019).
  • 2016: Start-up budget:
    • Initial fundraising of the founding members:
    • Subsidies :
      • Agriconseils network (provincial subsidy)
      • Brome-Missisquoi Pact
      • Municipality of West Bolton (services)