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The Bolton-Ouest collective
A unique approach

The Collectif de Bolton-Ouest (NPO) is an association of owners, producers and consumers bringing together 36 member properties on an area of nearly 1,750 ha (4,000 acres) which aims to promote the agricultural and forestry of the territory. The Collective supports the development of a sustainable and resilient ecosystem through local productions according to demanding specifications and in accordance with its charter of values. These specifications are inspired by agroecology and permaculture and take into account several cross-cutting requirements (humanist approach in livestock farming, management of water, energy, carbon footprint, conservation of biodiversity, circular economy, education and training, social and solidarity economy, etc.). The Collective has been working since 2015 to combine ancestral knowledge, advanced technologies, environmental protection, circular economy and pride in heritage.

The modules of the Collective
Agricultural ecosystem

This module aims at the optimal production of hay and other cultures within the Collective by an approach respectful of the environment and directed "bio" with an optimal economic and ecological return. The owners achieve economies of scale within the Collective (expert services, labour, inputs, crop marketing, etc.) and optimize short circuits (Bolton-Ouest) towards local sustainable development.

On the territory of Bolton-Ouest, there are cattle farms (Highland) using two methods. The first is beef on intensive rotation pasture: this method allows an equal – or even greater – capture of CO2 by the pastures...

Bolton-Ouest is the first bee-friendly rural municipality in Canada (Bee City Canada). The Collective's approach aims for a geo-spatial distribution of hives on our territory in order to establish a balance with native pollinators and bee plants...

Forest ecosystem

The Forests Module continues its forest and ecological inventorying activities on the properties of most members of the Bolton-Ouest Collective, cutting plans, experimenting with various tools, etc.

Several sugar bush operations are in operation in Bolton-Ouest. Some are managed in conventional mode while others develop niche products...

NTFPs (non-timber forest products) include mushrooms, edible and medicinal plants, small fruits, berries, etc. They can be picked (natural production) or planted / induced in certain favorable biotopes...

Bolton-Ouest has to its credit the development of the first carbon credit project in private forests in Quebec; the Collective officiating here as co-developer of the project with the firm ÉcoTierra...

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