The Graymont Company

A calcium lime sponsorship agreement was concluded in May 2020 between Graymont and the Collectif de Bolton-Ouest. This agreement provides – free of charge – for the supply by Graymont of calcium lime and part of the associated transport costs to members of the Collective (Meadows and Maple Modules) departing from its production site in Bedford, and this , over a period of 5 years (2020 – 2024).

This agreement comes in support of the Collective’s mission, which aims in particular to regenerate soil management and optimal productivity. Calcium lime aims to rectify the soil acidity rate in order to improve its biochemical balance, biological activity and fertility. It is governed by the recommendations of agronomists (PAEFs: Agro-Environmental Fertilization Plans) and forestry engineers (liming plans for sugar bushes).

Lime spreading can be carried out at various times of the season: in the spring – provided the soil is not too wet and Bolton-Ouest’s transport restrictions no longer apply – after the first or second hay cutting or according to windows of opportunity deemed appropriate for other crops.