Chive Flower Vinegar

Ferme HummingHill

HummingHill Farm is located in West Bolton. This farm practices niche agriculture according to the principles of permaculture. Its owners, an architect and a designer, have given themselves the mission of creating a place with a vocation where the beautiful, the good and the true are in the spotlight.

The products are distributed at ETownships at 255A chemin Knowlton, Lac-Brome, as well as at Apiculture WB Gold at 21 chemin Stukeley in Bolton-Ouest.

For other points of sale, see our website.

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Tips from Maxime and Richard:
This vinegar is ideal for mild salad dressings, tomatoes and oysters. Its sweetness does not mask the taste of food. Store in the dark and cool.

Each bottle requires 50 chive blossoms which are picked at dawn when they are soaked with morning dew. HummingHill Farm chives are grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

White vinegar, chives, white wine vinegar. Naturally contains sulphites.