On June 14, about thirty Secondary 5 students at École Secondaire Massey-Vanier in Cowansville took part in a planting on Apiculture WB land along Chemin Brill in the Municipality of Bolton-Ouest .

The activity was part of the “I know my Yamaska” program. In all, 285 shrubs and 95 trees were planted.



OBV Yamaska for logistics, coordination, plans, expertise and equipment

Arbres.Eco which offers us plants at a very affordable price, allowing planting with our limited budget

The students of the Massey-Vanier school for their contribution to the planting (and the teacher Say!)

The Bolton-Ouest Collective for its contribution to logistics and coordination

Apiculture WB Inc for its openness to this project on its property and its voluntary contribution of time

The municipality of Bolton-Ouest for its support for logistics